Our Parents Say

"I have been fortunate enough to be able to have my four children attend St. Frances Cabrini School. I have a 4th grader, 3rd grader, 1st grader and my youngest is currently enrolled in the Pre-Kindergarten program. My husband and I are thrilled to watch our children thrive at St. Frances Cabrini both academically and spiritually. In Pre K we found our children were provided developmental opportunities in a great learning environment. Every teacher strives to help the children develop to their full potential. We are amazed to watch our young four year old write his name (and a name with 11 letters!). It astonished us to hear all our children be able to recite prayers before the age of five. We owe it all to the solid foundation that started in the PreK program. We believe the Pre K program at St. Frances Cabrini is responsible for our children succeeding through SFC and beyond."

Debbie C. - Parent

"When looking around for a private school, my husband and I had three qualifications: High level of education; a safe and nurturing, faith-filled learning environment; and a welcoming community for our family. I have to say that SFC has exceeded all of our expectations. Their teachers and administration are amazing. They have so many added learning programs within their fantastic faith-filled curriculum. Our children are happy and blossoming everyday and we have made so many positive connections with other families in the SFC community. We have had a wonderful experience."

Melissa A. - Parent

"Mrs. Ewell introduced herself to us last year. My other daughter was in Kindergarten at the time. She invited my other daughter, Sophia into her class, so she could get a feel for Pre-K. I thought that was very nice of her. Sophia was a bit intimidated, at 1st. But by the time we were finished with our visit, Sophia was thrilled and was hoping she would have Mrs. Ewell as her teacher. Sophia learned her phonics and her writing skills have improved tremendously! She is delighted to go to school everyday to learn!"

Nancy V. - Parent

"I am a mother of two at SFC a five year old and a four year old. Both of my children have attended SFC since pre-k. I can not say enough about what a wonderful program/curriculum SFC offers not to mention the wonderful community. As a stay at home mother I was very worried about trusting others with my children. The first day of my oldest child put all of my fears and concerns at ease. Due to the loving and nurturing teachers I met. I felt 100% sure that my child was in a safe and loving environment. Now on the academic side I remember going to back to school night and when the teachers told me that by the end of the pre-k school year my child would be able to write all upper case and lower case letters as well as numbers, and would know the sounds of letters and be able to read three letter words and do simple addition I thought to myself they've got their work cut out for them, there is no way my son could do that. Boy did they prove me wrong. Not only could he do all of these things but he mastered cutting, coloring, and could sound out more than just three letter words. I can go on for days about SFC's staff, curriculum, and community. My children and my family feel truly blessed and honored to be a part of the SFC family! It truly is a family not a community!"

Blanche K. - Parent